Organic Emergence*

Regenerating the nation through youth empowerment; environmental regeneration; and sustainable careers.

* Organic Emergence – what naturally appears (or emerges), as if by some unseen, inherent intelligence, to restore balance in a time of need.

We create fundable solutions and realistic opportunities for the future of South African youth by tapping into the intersecting needs and synergies of Youth Empowerment; Environmental Restoration; and Employment Opportunity.


We RESTORE the environment by funding sustainable partnerships for the propagation, purchase and planting of indigenous trees. We bring learners, schools, corporations, and environmental organisations together to regenerate nature – creating a sustainable future. Everyone benefits through collaborative, holistic projects. Organic Emergence merges youthful optimism; energy and resources; and the need for environmental rehabilitation.


We EMPOWER South African youth through our Regeneration Ambassador Program (RAP) which is funded through our Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES) Fund. We providing free life-skills development, employment training, and engaged environmental awareness by working with schools and learners, youth leaders, and accredited institutions. Organic Emergence helps the new generation of change-makers and future leaders grow in integrity, resiliency, and confidence.


We EQUIP our trainees with self-awareness, responsibility, and practical leadership qualities essential for success at home, in their community, and in the marketplace. These empowered young adults have passed through our year-long Rites-of-Passage program and have a distinct readiness and competency for entry-level employment. We create entry level career opportunities by providing free accredited training and practical internships in the hospitality and environmental restoration sectors.

We accomplish our mission by directing funds received from our School RAP Initiative, Corporate Giving, and our YES Fund.

School RAP Initiative

Schools and Learners join our Re-Generation Ambassador Program (RAP)

  • Plant thousands of indigenous trees
  • Enhance your school’s sustainability initiatives
  • Onsite environmental workshops
  • Develop the next generation of Leadership
  • Have fun while selling trees to raise funds
  • Support our YES Fund

Corporate Giving

Localise your Social & Environmental Responsibility Initiatives (SERI)

  • Planting thousands of indigenous trees
  • Restore watersheds and indigenous habitats
  • Tax Deductible donations for our YES Fund
  • Sequester thousands of tons of carbon
  • Support opportunities for future youth leaders
  • Benefit from a high-quality potential employees

Our YES Fund

Our Youth Empowerment Scholarship Funds full scholarships

  • For selected youth from accredited institutions
  • Restoring the natural world and the future for our youth
  • Life-skills empowerment
  • Leadership training
  • Certified hospitality training
  • Year-long personal transformational program
  • Inclusive of Board & Lodging, Training, Tuition

Plant a Tree for $10 (R200)

Regenerating generosity

The first schools formed under the shade and generosity of trees. Your *first entry through any of the branches or BEZA gateways is a commitment to regenerating your personal, internal wholeness. Accordingly, we mirror your commitment by regenerating our collective, external environment by planting an indigenous tree on your behalf. 

*When you register for any of our offerings please indicate whether it is your first entry into the Academy’s training matrix.

*Additionally, you will also be asked if you would like to double your regenerative efforts by planting a second tree on behalf of another for $10 (R200)