Corporate Giving

Organic Emergence supports your Social & Environmental Responsibility Initiatives (SERI) by connecting your organisation to partnerships where mutually beneficial synergies help your corporate giving achieve maximum impact.

How it works

  • Your Corporation sponsors the planting of packages of thousands of trees.
  • Partner with other NGO’s and environmental agencies in restoring selected impact sites, or
  • Restore your land by planting trees in selected areas
  • For every package of 1000 trees, a youth leader will receive certified job training, life-skills empowerment, housing and food.
  • As a donor you receive a selection of exemplary leaders your next employment cycle.
  • Tax Deductible donations, Carbon Sequestration, Co-operative Social Media marketing
  • Partnerships with schools and their learners and family and friends 

Identify NEEDS:

Youth Development through Restoration, Empowerment and Employment.

Source of SOLUTIONS:

Our YES Fund directs funding from Funding corporate giving & schools and learners.

Foreground NEEDS:

Synergies EMERGE when restoration meets the need for empowering youth with life-skills and employment training.

Foreground SOLUTIONS:

ORGANIC synergies between funding channels share the benefits of collaborative and responsible giving.

“There is a direct connection between human rehabilitation and environmental restoration – one cannot be accomplished without the other.” – Glenn Nangaku Leisching